Zero motorcycles - for us

Zero Motorcycles brought us a fun challenge. Our mission was to create the feeling of a month long road trip across a variety of landscapes in 3 days. After scouting all around California, we decided to utilize natural light to allow us to be more nimble and maximize the number of locations we could shoot in a single day. We traveled up and down the coast around Santa Cruz and then we headed inland towards highway 395 along the Sierras to photograph the scenes with more remote landscapes. Along the way we shot in laundromats, restaurants, bars and any little hole in the wall place we stumbled on. My company Propeller Aeronautics did the aerial work for the commercial with the expert flying of our pilot Kiel. A few days and a dozen costume changes later we had everything we needed to craft our story.


Director - Ian Schiller
DP - Devin Whetstone
2nd Unit DP: Tyler McPherron
Gaffer - Oskar Ness & Andy Olson
1st AC -
Aerials - Propeller Aeronautics
UAV Pilot - Kiel Whetstone
Producer - Sarah Makarawicz
Production Company - Liars & Thieves
Editor - Collin Kriner
Color - Ayumi Ashley @ Mission Film and Design
Talent - Zac Titus
BTS Photos - Oskar Ness