Banana republic - no boundaries

In its simplest form, our goal for this project was to create a poetry film. Our story is not literal – it is subtle, at times abstract, and always captivating, always beautiful, always moving. Rather than a simple, straightforward narrative, this film is a montage of moments, glimpses, memories, feelings that ultimately weave together into a coherent, cinematic poem.  By far one of the most fun shoots of 2018 for me. We had an amazing crew of super talented individuals who came together and with whom this film would not have been possible without. What made this film such a success was our scouting process. Keenan and I spent an entire week scouting for our San Francisco locations and our Tokyo locations. In a film like this, every location becomes a character so it was imperative that we find incredible locations. Once the locations started to fall into place we spent an entire week shooting in each city to do our best to capture the beauty of each destination and create an improvisational environment for the actors to play and experiment in each space.


Part of the Banana Republic "No Boundaries" Campaign Fall 2018.

Director: Keenan Newman

Creative Director: Len Peltier @ Banana Republic
Production Company: Strike Anywhere
Executive Producer: Cori Cooperider
Producer: Rachel Barth
Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone
Producer: Deidre Levine @ Banana Republic

Editors: Ernie Gilbert + Craig Quinlan

Production Company: Mt. Melvil
Producer: Airi Yamawaki @ Mt. Melvil

Colorist: Ricky Gausis @ MPC

Music: Rival Consoles "Johannesburg" 
Record Label: Erased Tapes

Sound Design & Mix: Chris Afzal

Laura Julie
Yuya Shibusawa
Barbara Valente
Steffy Argelich
Melany Bennett
Show Nemoto
Matthew Evangelisti

Production Coordinator: Tyler Semmons
First Assistant Camera: Dean Snodgrass
Second Assistant Camera: Branden Paris
Sound: Jody Stillwater